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CjVideoCapture Class Reference
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Instance Methods

(id) - initWithResolution:
 Initialize and specify resolution to use. More...
(void) - start
 Start capturing video.
(void) - stop
 Stop capturing video.
(void) - changeToResolution:
 Switch resolution. More...
(void) - setPreviewView:
 Specify view to display a live preview of captured video. More...


id< CjVideoCaptureDelegatedelegate

Method Documentation

◆ changeToResolution:()

- (void) changeToResolution: (Resolution resolution

Switch resolution.

resolutionThe resolution to switch to.
This is meant to be used for variable bitrate. When the network conditions are not good enough to stream the resolution used on initialization, downsize the resolution with this function in order to reduce the required bitrate. Alternatively upsize the resolution if the network can handle it.

◆ initWithResolution:()

- (id) initWithResolution: (Resolution resolution

Initialize and specify resolution to use.

resolutionThe resolution of the video to be captured.

◆ setPreviewView:()

- (void) setPreviewView: (UIView *)  view

Specify view to display a live preview of captured video.

viewThe view where preview is to be displayed.

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